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About Naples Christian Academy

A Naples Florida Private Christian School

The first Blue Ribbon school in all Collier County – Public and Private – Naples Christian Academy is dually accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and AdvancEd.​


Naples Christian Academy confirms its commitment to its biblical distinctiveness and the complete integration of the Bible and biblical principles into all aspects of its educational experience. NCA recognizes that the successful realization of this objective is dependent upon the shared efforts of NCA personnel, families and the community. NCA’s educational program is designed to accomplish the following general goals:


  • To encourage students to come to know God through the Holy Spirit’s work in salvation and to enable them to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in obedience to God’s Word, the Bible.
  • To enable students to identify God-given abilities and equip them to use those gifts in loving service to God and their neighbor, evangelism, and stewardship of creation.
  • To enable students to engage in rigorous academic inquiry so they may reflect Christ’s rule over all areas of life.
  • To expect students to achieve a high level of academic excellence.
  • To participate in a learning community that reflects the biblical model of the body of Christ.
  • To equip students as leaders to confront the idols of our times and transform culture for God’s glory.

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