Educational Philosophy

Educational Philosophy


Naples Christian Academy provides an educational program that challenges students to develop an integrated Christian world and life view. Biblical integration refers to our ability to effectively understand and communicate God’s truth, as written in His Word, the Bible, in every sphere of society and learning.


At Naples Christian Academy, we want to teach our students the intellectual and spiritual foundations of our culture and to train them how to think critically. Therefore, we must equip our students to understand and appreciate the humanities and to appraise the various forms of human thought and expression from a Christian worldview.


The foundation of all truth and learning is the Word of God, and integration is not built on indoctrination, but on a deep and comprehensive understanding of God and His Word. To think critically about old and new ideas, students must be able to think theologically, judging all ideas by what they understand of God and His Word.


The Bible is not merely a part of our core curriculum; it is the means by which we see truth in all its applications.


Naples Christian Academy encourages students to achieve academic excellence in a nurturing environment. Although the apostle Paul considered his secular accomplishments as nothing when compared to knowing God, the fact remains that God used Paul’s extensive knowledge to communicate the gospel. Our goal is to equip our students for success in their calling; with the hope and prayer that God will raise them to positions of responsibility and leadership.


The key to achieving academic excellence is the teacher, who must be a mature believer in a dynamic relationship with Christ, and who must possess the desire and ability to educate effectively. NCA teachers must be academically able to use the curriculum as a tool and skillfully integrate their Christian faith into their subjects.


We believe that such a teacher can use both Christian and secular texts as tools for learning if they provide important information and thinking skills. All truth is God’s truth. Christian education involves training as much as it involves teaching, and at Naples Christian Academy we minister to the heart, mind, and soul of each child. As valuable as knowledge is, God has ordained that His truth is most meaningful and effective when it is imparted from heart to heart, and from life to life.


Furthermore, Naples Christian Academy is committed to the following educational principles:


  1. Christian education had its foundation in the Creator-creature relationship taught in the Scriptures. It is understood as a process in which a child’s personality is nurtured and his/her potential is released by instruction in the truth of God, and human knowledge leavened by that truth.

  2. The responsibility for education rests upon the parents (Deut. 6:6-9, Eph. 6:1-4). They may delegate a part of this responsibility to an institution that is able to carry forward their God-given task.

  3. The child is regarded first of all as a spiritual-physical creature, created in the image of God, capable of learning, knowing, obeying, and enjoying the truth of God’s Word and the laws of His creation. He is also regarded as a social creature standing in relation to his fellow man, having moral, intellectual, social and aesthetic needs. Since all children are created in the image of God, no child shall be denied admission because of race.

  4. The curriculum of the Christian school is designed to provide excellent academic and spiritual instruction in order to prepare children to take their place in the home, the state, and their vocations or professions in a manner that is glorifying to God.