Philosophical Objectives of Education


Authentic Faith

NCA’s objectives in developing Hearts impassioned to love God are to teach

  • that the Bible is the authoritative Word of God, is the source of all truth, and is relevant, practical, and important for today
  • that God is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe and of man
  • that man is sinful by nature and lost without God
  • that Jesus Christ is the only Son of God and the only means for our salvation
  • that man can only know God and receive salvation and forgiveness by receiving God’s gift of grace through faith in Christ alone
  • the necessity of knowing Christ personally and trusting in Him for all things


Academic Excellence

NCA’s objectives in developing Minds disciplined to think biblically are to

  • expect and encourage a high level of performance from each student
  • challenge each student to accept individual responsibility for his/her own academic progress
  • teach students to work both independently and cooperatively
  • develop the creative skills of each student
  • develop an appreciation of the fine arts
  • help the student develop effective communication skills
  • teach the student the knowledge and skills required for future academic experience and for occupational competence


Personal Responsibility

NCA’s objectives in developing Hands prepared to serve are to teach the student

  • to manifest fairness, courtesy, kindness, truthfulness, and honesty
  • to accept responsibility for his/her own actions and to discern clearly between right and wrong
  • his/her responsibility to reach out to others by sharing his/her faith
  • to apply biblical ethics and standards of morality to every facet of life
  • to develop a desire for wholesome physical and mental recreation
  • to be intentional about meeting needs and serving others in the community and the world


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