Mission Projects



Kindergarten – 5th Grade
Grace Center for Children and Families, Ethiopia

The Grace Center is a ministry to mothers and babies in Ethiopia, staffed by the Ericksons, whose children have attended NCA in the past and are from Naples originally. Prenatal and postnatal care, as well as, job training and health education, are just a few of the significant works of this ministry. Our children will keep them in prayer and communicate with them as well as gather funds and supplies for them. More information on this ministry and the work they do can be found at http://stjosephsfamilyfoundation.org.


Students will join Cornerstone Edibles in the garden and help Jan and David Etzel have a bountiful season. Cornerstone Edibles mission is to help each other interact with creation and community by building a new Eden. The goal of our farming is not only the raising of crops but the cultivation and sanctification of human beings. Our community-oriented garden and grove is the land that supports our farm-to-table agriculture, nutrition education, and faith-rooted initiatives. Proceeds from our community vegetables, herbs and soon to be tropical fruit sales support this valued community work. The work of this great ministry can be found at http://www.cornerstonenaples.org/cornerstone-edibles/.


Seventh and eighth grade coordinates the ministry of filling shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child for our school. They will help box, stack and deliver to the local drop off site, all the shoeboxes that come into NCA for this project. This year we plan to have our fourth school wide Shoebox Packing birthday party. They will also help in raising funds for other relief and medical aid efforts of Samaritan’s during the rest of the year by sacrificial offerings or special projects, as needed. Samaritan’s Purse’s international ministry can be found at www.samaritanspurse.org.


By 8th grade, we feel that our students have been exposed to a wide gamut of mission opportunities. Our 8th graders continue to grow by working through a strong Biblically based curriculum on servant leadership as a class, in preparation for their international trip in the spring. They will also prepare by serving locally at missions in Immokalee and Naples. The international mission trip is a joining of all their NCA experiences and Biblical knowledge to travel internationally and aid a church, ministry, and/or orphanage. They will do hands-on physical labor as well as outreach and evangelism in those neighborhoods. They will also have down time to explore the area as tourists and enjoy a new culture. In addition to working onsite and presenting skits and testimonies, they will be bringing craft and hygiene supplies with them to be given away.


The NCA Library has a mission for those less fortunate in Ghana. The Library will be collecting pencils all year long to donate to the people of Ghana. Mrs. Nally is coordinating with some local missionaries that will be taking all the pencils we can gather to Africa next summer. Ghana is an area that is quickly being influenced by the Muslim religion. These pencils are a way for the missionaries to share both the Gospel of Jesus Christ and meet a need for these children academically.