We hope all of you are as excited about NCA sports as we are! NCA has a tradition of producing competitive teams with athletes who represent their families and school well. We place a strong emphasis on preparing our athletes to succeed in their chosen sport outside of NCA, but our main concern is helping them put Christ first in every aspect of their life. This is accomplished through:

  • Devotions at practice
  • Ethical coaching and Christ-like attitudes
  • Prayer before/after each practice and game
  • High expectations of each player and coach both inside and outside the sports arena
  • Character and leadership development
  • Emphasis on sports fundamentals


The goal of the Crusader sports program is to produce:

“Fierce Competitors with Christ-like Attitudes”


Sportsmanship and teamwork are at the pinnacle of all athletic programs offered at Naples Christian Academy. The qualified coaching staff teaches athletic fundamentals and provides instruction and motivation to students in the fourth through eighth grades in volleyball, basketball, soccer, golf, and track and field. NCA has a tradition of producing competitive teams with athletes who represent their families and school well both on and off the court.


NCA has had great success in recent years with numerous league championships that are represented by the many banners and trophies in the gym.  NCA has also had many athletes achieve success at the high school and even college level, often serving as the captains of their teams.  However, the NCA sports leadership is especially proud of the fact that in a typical year over 90% of our students participate in at least one sport, with over half participating in three or more sports per year.  Whether they are superb athletes or someone just looking for exercise and fellowship, every student is encouraged to participate in sports.


Participation in the sports program is a personal commitment that involves practice, determination, and a willingness to succeed. Participating in athletic programs is considered a privilege that comes after academics, and students must maintain a minimum grade point average in core subjects to remain eligible for athletic program participation.


NCA is a member of the Sunshine Athletic Conference and competes against other private schools in the Naples area including Royal Palm Academy, Village School, Rhodora Donahue Academy, St. Elizabeth Seton, and St. Ann.