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Naples Christian Academy is one of the Best Elementary Schools in Naples

A core component of Naples Christian Academy’s mission is to provide academic and spiritual excellence in all areas of instruction. We believe that all truth is God’s truth, and as such, all learning is God-ordained.


At Naples Christian Academy, our teachers provide individual care and guidance to our students on a daily basis. Additionally, teachers provide an integrated, developmentally-appropriate, research-based curriculum aligned with state and national standards. In adherence to these standards, ongoing, individual assessment drives the instruction of our elementary students, which ensures that the precise academic needs of all learners are consistently met.


Small group and differentiated instruction in a nurturing environment contribute significantly to the quality of our program. At each grade level, the instruction is direct, systematic, and explicit. Teachers work collaboratively in our small school environment, ensuring a seamless transition between grades, maximizing the cumulative effect of instruction.


This academic program is integrated with the tenets of a Biblical Worldview in order that students make connections between academic subjects and biblical truth. Our desired product is student leaders who are able to think biblically regarding every aspect of life and learning.


Instructional Methods and Critical Thinking Component

A commitment to professional development by the administration and faculty keeps the Academy’s teaching practice grounded in research-based best practices. Read More



Naples Christian Academy’s balanced literacy program was developed based on research findings indicating the most successful way to teach children to read and write. Read More



Elementary students at the Academy are taught to read through a researched-based balanced literacy approach, which includes modeledreading, shared reading, guided reading, and independent reading.  Read More



Elementary students at the Academy are taught essential writing skills through developmentally-appropriate writing instruction. Read More



It is the desire of the Academy that all students gain a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and their applications. Read More



Naples Christian Academy’s mission of developing hearts impassioned to love God, minds disciplined to think biblically, and hands prepared to serve could not come to fruition without the essential teaching of a comprehensive Bible curriculum. Read More


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